Why does Bandida taste so smooth even when it’s distilled at a high percentage; over 43%?

We age our agaves for an impressive 11 years—nearly double the typical duration for most Espadin agave, ensuring they reach peak maturation phase.  However, there is another important step in harvesting agave using the traditional 'Capón' method.

We achieve superior quality mezcal through a distinctive harvesting technique known as "capón." This method involves a critical intervention at the peak of the agave plant's maturity. As an agave matures, it begins to produce a flowering stalk called the "quiote," which can grow up to 30 feet tall and is crowned with flowers containing seeds for reproduction. Ordinarily, the plant expends a significant amount of energy to develop this stalk and propagate before it dies.

By employing the capón technique, we strategically remove the quiote before it fully matures. This action redirects the plant's energy (and sugars) back into the heart of the agave (piña- of which the Bandida bottle is crafted after), rather than allowing it to expend energy on flowering and seed production. This method not only increases the yield of the agave but also significantly enhances the flavour of the mezcal.

The result of using agave plants that have undergone capado — the removal of the flowering stalk at the height of their sugar content and maturity — is a mezcal with a richer, sweeter, and smoother taste profile. This careful and precise approach ensures our mezcal stands out for its exceptional quality and distinct character.




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