Welcome to Bandida, where every sip tells a story as rich and vibrant as the Mexican landscape itself.

It all began with a group of friends united by our passion for mezcal. As we gathered nightly, we noticed more and more people, who had typically been partial to cocktails or wine, were drawn to the pure allure of mezcal, sipping it neat with a newfound appreciation. When asked about this new preference, one friend responded simply, "Mezcal is organic, gluten-free and I can enjoy it without the hangover.” (Please drink responsibly).

Inspired to create our very own, we embarked on a journey to Oaxaca, immersing ourselves in the heart and soul of mezcal culture. Every aspect of Bandida, from its name (meaning “bad girl”) to its design, was born from authentic encounters and serendipitous moments along the way. We collaborated with renowned Colombian designer, Ledania, who injected life into our vision, crafting an identity that embodies the spirit of adventure and rebellion.
t's more than just a name; it's a symbol of empowerment and authenticity, reflecting the bold and vibrant essence of Mexico. Our quest led us through the rugged terrain of Oaxaca, where we explored 800 palenques and tasted over 1,000 mezcals, from the wild agave to artisanal blends. Through tastings and research, we refined our craft, ensuring that Bandida stands apart as a true expression of Mexican tradition and craftsmanship.
Crafted with care and dedication, our mezcal is made from 100% agave plants and locally sourced ingredients. Bandida Blanco, with its medium smokiness and citrus undertones, invites you to savour the essence of Mexico with every sip. Meanwhile, Bandida Black captivates with its robust flavour profile, balancing smokiness with rich notes of coffee, chocolate, and cinnamon.

To honor both Mayahuel, the goddess of agave, and the women who sparked our journey, we christened our mezcal Bandida.

Presented in handmade glass-glazed bottles painted to replicate the organic contours of an agave plant, Bandida offers the ultimate Mezcal experience with its harmonious blend of taste and flawless design. We take pride in the purity of our mezcal — gluten-free, sugar-free, and free from additives or preservatives. 
Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to quality, artistry and sustainability, ensuring that every sip of Bandida is an experience to be cherished. Since our debut in London in September 2023, Bandida has captured the hearts and palates of mezcal enthusiasts across the UK and beyond. From the bustling streets of London to the serene slopes of the French Alps, our mezcal has found a home in the most discerning establishments, spreading the spirit of Mexico with every pour.

Join us on a journey of discovery and celebration, as we raise a glass to the magic of mezcal and the spirit of Bandida.